Techy Stuff
Techy Stuff
Techy Stuff

Our Digital Studio

We record using Steinberg’s Cubase SX3 software, running on a 3GHz Dual-Core Athlon-based PC with 4Gb RAM and 1Tb of hard disk space.

We have a Focusrite Saffire pro 26 audio interface, expanded with a Focusrite Octopre Platinum.

This gives us up to sixteen audio inputs from the following:

16 balanced mic inputs
8 balanced line inputs
3 instrument DI inputs

Plus 2x ADAT 8-channel lines and 2x S/PDIF lines.

This means we can record sixteen audio sources at once – we can record up to 500 audio tracks in one project.

Eight of the mic channels and two of the DIs also have built-in analog compressors to even out tracking levels and avoid digital clipping.


1x SE Electronics Z5600a
2x SE Electronics 1000a
1x Rode NT1
2x AKG C1000s
1x AKG D112
3x Shure SM57
1x Shure PG52
3x Shure PG56
1x Shure PG58
2x Shure PG81
4x JSH dynamic tom mics
2x JSH condenser mics
Loads of Sennhesier e-series live vocal mics

The Patchbay

The recording studio is connected to our live rooms using high quality ex-BBC patchbay equipment and cable, giving 18 balanced lines to Room 8, and 30 balanced lines to Room 19.

This setup allows highly flexible routing options between the control room and the two live rooms, meaning we can cater for a wide variety of recording scenarios.

Live Rooms and Backline

We record full bands and ensembles in Room 19. We use Room 8 for smaller acts, vocals and instrumental overdubs. Each room has a full backline (drum kit, amps, etc.) and we can use both rooms at once, with headphone monitoring so everyone can hear what’s going on.

We have various keyboards, guitars and other bits and pieces available for you to try out. We like to keep it creative!

CD Mixes and MP3s

We provide final mixes on CD-R in standard CDDA 44kHz 16-bit format (which can be played on any normal CD player). We can also provide MP3 or WMA files for you to upload to the web or play on your iPod.

Track Exports and OMF

Many people now record and mix music at home, but need to come to a professional studio to record certain parts, e.g. drums or vocals.

If you want to record only a few parts of your music with us, we can provide you with a DVD containing the raw track data (PCM WAV) of what you record. This can either be an an XML track export or an OMF file – which can be easily imported into many other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) platforms.

If you use Cubase, we can simply burn the entire Cubase project folder to a disc.

Samples and Loops

You can bring in your own samples, loops or backing tracks. We accept the following formats: CD audio, WAV, W64, AIFF, AC3, OGG, MP3, WMA on CD, DVD or USB memory stick.