Hourly Rehearsal Studios

If you’re in a band you need to practise, and unless you have very understanding neighbours you’re going to need somewhere better than your attic or garage.

Our rehearsal studios are clean, comfortable rooms with a drum kit, microphones and a complete backline of amps. All you need to bring are your instruments, and we can even hire out those if needed!

If you practice less than ten hours a week, our hourly studios are for you.


You can simply turn up at Hockley Street and ask to rehearse. During the daytime we tend to have at least one room free, but during the evenings we highly recommend booking first.

To book rehearsal time, call us on 0121 248 2848

If you get through to our answering machine, please leave a message with the date and time you want to rehearse, your band name and a contact phone number. We will get back to you to confirm the booking or offer an alternative.

Alternatively, click the link below to book online:


It’s good to take a break during your session, and we have plenty of seated areas for you to do just that, including an outside area for smokers. The pool table is free to play, and of course there’s the shop for that mid-practice refreshment.

We give out free foam ear-plugs so you can keep your hearing fresh even in a loud band.