Room Hourly Rate Whole Day (8 Hours)
19 £12 £96
7 £10 £65
9 £9 £60
20 £8 £55
14 £6 £40
12 £5 £35

Discounts and Offers

SOLOIST DISCOUNT50% off rehearsals. Soloists only. Only in rooms 7, 9 and 20.

Opening Hours

We are open seven days a week, including bank holidays. You can book sessions from 10am to midnight.


We have a variety of items available to borrow free of charge from reception, including: microphones, leads (XLR, jack, phono, MIDI, USB, power), power extension blocks, guitar straps, connection adapters, snare drums, cymbal stands, single kick pedals, drum tuning keys, extra chairs and old sticks.

Item Price Per Sessione
Snare Drum FREE
Extra cymbal stands, etc. FREE
Kick Pedal FREE
Double Kick Pedal (Iron Cobra) £2
Cymbals (hats, crash, ride) £2
Guitar £5
Bass Guitar (4 or 5 string) £5
Keyboard 76-key Yamaha £10
CD Player FREE
Leads etc. FREE
Dynamic Vocal Mics FREE

Cancellation Charges

Like most studios, we have a policy of charging for late cancellations.

If you cancel a booked session less than 24 hours before it is due to start, we will add a £5 cancellation charge to your next session.

If you simply don’t turn up for a booked session, without letting us know, then we will add the full price of the session onto your next sesion.

If you need to cancel a booked session please let us know as soon as possible, so the time can be offered to other bands!